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BMS says “ Thank You”


If you ask the BMS students to describe the town they live in, you will probably hear them use the words “Small Town with Big Hearts!” 


When the news broke they would be getting a new school they couldn’t contain their excitement! They couldn’t believe they were finally going to get WALLS!  When the students entered the building to start the 2015-16 school year, their eyes were wide and huge smiles lit up their faces as they realized the community gave them more than just WALLS.


The letters you are about to read are just a small sample of the appreciation the students at your Buchanan Middle School wanted to share with the community who believe in them and their education. Go BUCKS!

Mr. Kurland and Mrs. Hurlbutt


Dear Community,

            Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It truly means a lot that we have this new school. People say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but here it’s much more. Our community, having the heart to get us this new school out of their pockets… that’s true beauty. I appreciate every bit of this school, from the lockers to the walls. It is not just concrete that built these walls. It is CARE, care the students, for the education, for the school and I thank you for that.


Ethan V. (7)


Dear Community,

            I want to say thank you for impacting me and my fellow classmates. You have done a lot of amazing things for us. We can’t thank you enough.

            You may ask what was it like last year? Well, I can tell you one thing, everybody was worried about things like distractions, grades, and staying focused. We could not hear anything and it was nerve racking.

            We mainly want to thank the community for wall and doors and that we can get out of the building safely.

 Well, I just have to say Well Done! We had a hard time learning without walls but now it is so much better. Thank you! We love and appreciate our Buck Community.

Your Buck student,

Raquell G. (7)


Dear Buchanan Community,

            We are so thankful for what you have done for our new, amazing school. How much thought you put in this school proves you care about our community and our importance of learning. There are so many schools out there that want our school now. We are lucky that we have such amazing people in our community. Everyone here at the Buchanan Middle School loves what has been done to the school. So we just want to say Thank You!


Haley H. (6)


Dear Buchanan Community,

            I thank all the people in the community for spending their tax money for our education. I’m also thankful for all the new equipment and supplies. We have all brand new things because of the wonderful people in Buchanan.

            They gave 12 million dollars to make upgrades to our school. I appreciate it 100%, 24/7 and 365 days. I love my new school and it’s because of the fantastic Buchanan community.

            We have brand new tables and chairs, windows, computers, carpet and cafeteria.

            Thank you Buchanan!


Rylie G. (7)


Dear Buchanan,

            Thank you so much for voting for our school to get money to make upgrades to our school. We got new walls and other tools to learn.

            One of my favorite things we received was the new computers. We can do so much more on them.

            One of my other favorite things is the walls.  Now we can’t hear or see the other classes. It is easier to work because it is quieter, so we can concentrate.

            My other favorite thing is our extended learning park. We have times when we take our laptops down there and work on them.

            Thank you so much again for voting for us to get all of this stuff.


Connor L. (5)


Dear Buchanan Community

            Thank you so much for agreeing to our new school. It looks beautiful, thanks to you!

            I absolutely love the new lockers. They are so much bigger that our old ones. I can now fit my big bag in my locker.

            Also the new extended learning park is awesome. The couches that are in there help me stay comfy while I am learning.

            Can I comment on how much less distractions we have? We actually have real walls with real fireproof doors. They help to keep us feel safe!

            I can’t thank you enough for this amazing learning environment. I hope you can stop by and see it.


Josie W. (5)


Dear Community,

            Thank you for everything you did for the Buchanan Middle School. You made our school a better place to learn for everyone that goes to school here. We now have wall and we can hear our teachers teaching us and not other teachers. It makes our school a peaceful place when we can’t hear classes talking. Also, have you seen the new cafeteria? It is so awesome! Our food stays warmer or colder depending on what it is. Our tables are cool too. Some of them have a buck on them and some are plain white. They are round so we can see all of our friends. This school is so awesome we can make some new memories.

Kaya T (6)


Dear Buchanan Tax payers,

            I would like to express my gratitude toward the money put forward for my new school. I am a three year resident of Buchanan Middle School and I have to admit the old school was dysfunctional. The walls were contemporary; therefore, we heard every squeak, peep, or instruction from the other rooms. The band room was extremely small and had almost no storage. Our gym was our cafeteria.

            Now, we have real walls! We can focus and concentrate on our work. The band room, my personal favorite, has multiple storage lockers and yes- private practice rooms. Also, we now have a gym and a very large one that is in no way a cafeteria. We have a BMS Bistro now! Thank you again!


Serynn N. (7)


Dear Buchanan Community,

            Thank you for allowing us to get the money we need to renovate our beloved Middle School. The students and teachers of our school were spread all over the school with no specific grade level wings. Now, we have grade wings with our lockers close by so we are able to make it to our classes on time.

            Furthermore, our school didn’t have walls before the renovation. We could hear everything in the rooms around us and it was very hard to focus on our work.

With our new school renovations we can not only just focus but relax too.

            Our renovation money offered us new tables, chairs and an incredible extended Learning Park to do our group work or just read in comfort. It’s only December and we have used the learning park a TON!

            Here at the Buchanan Middle School we would like to thank you immensely for allowing us to be the recipient of wonderful additions to our school.


Kaiden N. (7)


Dear Community,

Thank you for allowing us to have a new school. We have probably most enjoyed having walls that separate the classrooms. Also, the cafeteria is amazing! One thing I know is ALL of us appreciate the extended learning park. All those comfy chairs and tables make it a fun and relaxing learning environment. For those of us in band, the new practice rooms, the acoustic panels and the instrument lockers are TOPS! In general, we are very thankful for your support, and I am glad to be at BMS.


Jesse L. (7)


Dear Buchanan,

            I would like to thank you for everything that you helped Buchanan accomplish. Everyone at the school is so happy to be able to learn in a quiet environment. Staff and students like all of the improvements.

            I would to personally thank you for three things. The first thing I would like to thank you for is our new lockers. I am glad I don’t have to share the locker with someone else. They are bigger than last year too. It is so having my new shiny locker.

            The second thing I would like to thank you for is our new classrooms. It was hard to learn with curtains as walls. I am glad we have this improvement to have a better education. The walls eliminate the distractions. I now am able to concentrate as my most important goal is to get all A’s so I can get into a great college when I grow up. So thank you for helping me achieve this goal.

            The last thing I am thankful for is all the new space. We have lots of learning space like the extended learning park.

            Thank you so much for our new school!


Jalynn G. (5)


Dear Buchanan Community

            Thank you for helping pay for our new school. We are all really appreciative of our classrooms and the extended learning areas. We promise to take care of all of it. We all love the improvements. It was great to start off the school year with a new building. We definitely will remember this for a long time. The new school made us very happy for all that you did for us. Again, thank you very much!

Sincerely, Rhianon P. (6)




Dear Buchanan Community,

            I thank you for all the money you gave to our school project. We wouldn’t have all the new things if it weren’t for the community of Buchanan. I love the new cafeteria, gym, lockers and the classrooms.  I pretty much love it all.

            It was very hard for me to focus when we didn’t have walls but now I have straight A’s and can focus on learning.

            I will do my best to respect all of the new stuff we have and I will also make sure my fellow classmates do the same.


Hannah K.  (6)


Dear Buchanan Residents,

            I would like to MAJORLY thank you for our beautiful new school. I really appreciate it. I have never seen such a beautiful school in my life.

            I was so happy when my parents came for my parent teacher conference because I couldn’t wait to show off the building. I was also happy when I could finally learn without distractions.

            Thank you for the NEW WALLS!  I love everything new about our school.

Thank you so much. I also want to thank the workers that always seemed too happy to be working at our school.


 Devin T.  (7)


Dear Community,

            Thank you for this awesome new school. I really love this new school. It is a very great learning environment. We can actually have a fun time learning without causing distractions to others. We can even take our tests much easier.

            If you haven’t seen our school you need to come see it because you were a part of the making it new. We really appreciate the quiet learning environment.

            We all want to give praise for all the money you spent on US so we could learn in a better environment. Again, thank you for this awesome and beautiful school.


Ethan V. (7)


Dear Buchanan Community,

            I appreciate all that have given us. Most importantly I am thankful for the beautiful Middle School. You passed a bond that allowed for 12 million dollars of renovations to be made to my school to improve the learning conditions. We now have a better learning environment and for that I am forever grateful of that. I am thankful for the big things but for the little things as well, like our computers, cafeteria, gym, lockers, windows, and WALLS.          

            I also want to thank all of the workers!


Alexa B. (6)


Dear Community Members,

            Thank you for donating money for our school. Everyone who voted to pass the bond is literally a lifesaver. You have made a difference in this community and most importantly you all should consider yourselves heroes. You have provided a beautiful and amazing school for us kids. It is also a much safer environment. You may not think of yourselves as heroes but it is true! Thank you Buchanan Community!


Jazmin (5)



More letters can be found hanging on the walls at the Buchanan Middle School. Come visit so the students can give you a personal “THANK YOU”!

Dr. van der Laan, Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent

Last Updated on Friday, 18 December 2015 11:23
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